Industries We Serve

Silhouette of a Highrise


With radiant heating and HVACs, we know the demand is very high for reliable and affordable service. Brant Mechanical prides on being the most reliable and affordable company in the region and will fit your custom needs. Commercial buildings and properties can be taken care of by our trained experts to help building owners and property managers keep their tenants at comfortable temperatures at low energy costs.

If you’re in the commercial industry and need your heating, cooling, refrigeration and gas piping needs, give us a call.

Silhouette of a Factory


Roof top units and hot water boilers are just two of the many systems Brant Mechanical installs and services for industrial buildings. With the number of people who work in the average industrial building, business owners need to be sure that the services provided to them are energy efficient and secure. Without disrupting your work day, we will find a solution to any problem that arises with your heating and cooling systems or gas piping meter.

Gas pipe damage? Chiller not keeping your water cool enough? Give us a call and we will inspect the problem and provide the solution.

Silhouette of a Farm


At Brant Mechanical, we know the agricultural industry of our surrounding area needs to keep their products processed with the proper equipment to send out to the public. Keeping walk-in freezers and processing equipment at the desired temperature is crucial for your product. We will meet your custom needs to guarantee your product can be handled and stored safely in the proper temperatures needed to avoid contamination.

If you’re in the food processing or farming business, give us a call and we will make sure your custom needs are met.