Brant Mechanical is your service expert for heating, cooling and HVAC issues.

From installation to maintenance and repair, we provide top quality service for your business.


Hot Water Boilers

Energy efficient and low maintenance heating by circulating hot water through radiators. Brant Mechanical installs and services boilers and systems including circulating pumps.

Commercial / Industrial Water Heaters

Brant Mechanical offers water heating solutions for every budget to meet your hot water demands. Natural gas, propane, electric, and tankless heaters (service) are available.

Radiant Heating

Panels stored within the walls, ceilings, and floors evenly distribute infrared heat using convection to move warm air. Installation and servicing available.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are used in conjunction with your furnace as a solution for comfortable temperatures all year round. An effective way to reduce heating energy consumption.

Gas Fitting

Our licensed, professional gas fitters are equipped to work under ground or inside on any type of natural gas installation, replacement and repair, or hook-up service.

Commercial Heating

Commercial heating equipment is complex and requires expertise in multi-component functionality. Get fast service for your entire system from Brant Mechanical.

Process Equipment

Service is available for heating and refrigeration for food processing, storage, manufacturing plants. We have the professional team to handle your custom system requirements.

Mechanical Controls

Maintaining mechanical controls for your HVAC system ensures that you’re operating at peak efficiency while maintaining proper boundaries.


Maximize your heating efficiency, and trim operating costs with proactive burner services.

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